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Memory Foam
Mattress and Pillow
Visco Memory Foam mattress and pillows,
For a better sleep…
Produce with developed Technologies for you…
Memory Foam
Mattress and Pillow

Producing for a better sleep…
For you…

We provide turnkey services to our business partners with our production and sales experience. We use Visco Memory Foam technology in accordance with the needs of our customers and make special production.

made in Türkiye

Turkey’s First Visco Memory Foam Mattress and Pillow Producer

24 years of expertise

World’s widest range of pillows

Exports more than 40 countries

Brand presence more than 250 domestic and +550 sales points worldwide

Memory Foam Mattress and Pillow

Nothing is better than getting into bed and feeling personalized comfort. We create options for every sleeper.

Which means you have a lot of choices.

We Offer the Best.


We know that your customers shop at various price points. Our mattress and pillows, which can be produced specially for E-Commerce or showroom sales, are unique compared to their competitors in the market.


As one of the largest mattress and pillow manufacturers in the world, we can guarantee the best value available. We are committed to offering the best price thanks to our innovative and tailored production methods.

Our Services

The Ural Group R&D team develops, combines and manufactures new product technologies that are not widely available in the market. Custom-made products are included in the bestseller list at points of sale. It meets customer expectations with high quality standards and guarantees a high level of experience.


Sleep habits are variable. We make special production for our customers.

Countless Combinations

We produce our Memory Foam mattresses and pillows by combining technologies developed.

Quick and Easy Export

We deliver the products from our strategically located Istanbul factory to all over the world.

Innovation for Comfort and Health:


Visco memory foam technology, developed by NASA in 1966 to increase flight safety, and began to become widespread in daily use in a short time.


Thanks to its open cell structure, this special material, shaped according to the body’s temperature and weight, enhances comfort in mattress and pillows. It takes the shape of your body and minimizes the pressure and reduces the possible pain. Provides a quality and healthy sleep.

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