Comfortable & Healthy Sleep.

Mattresses that know you and move with your body instead of against it. Ensuring you a perfect and peaceful night of sleep.

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Premium memory foam for luxurious comfort
Ergonomic alignment for deep sleep
Open cell breathable mattress for cool sleep

Memory Foam Mattress

The “visco” memory foam due to its body temperature sensivity, fills up all the spaces and provides relief on the pressure points. Thus, you end up with a sound and solid sleep, a regulated blood circulation, eliminated joint pains and an aligned spine.

Not only your body, but also your mind wakes up recuperated.

Free of harmful, ozone depleting chemicals and emissions.

The materials used in the manufacturing of our products do not contain CFC’s (Cloro Fluoro Carbons). Scientific research has shown that CFCs released into the atmosphere have a destructive effect on the ozone layer. Therefore we take the utmost care in avoiding any of these materials that are harmful to your or the planet.
Ural Grup can differentiate the mattresses with different memory foam applications, densities, treatments, etc…
We can produce the mattresses from density of 60 kg/m3 130 kg/m3 with pincores (if requested) and with many different kind of tickings, produced with advanced textile technologies

Customized Mattress Fabrics

Here’s what you need to know about your pixfort, based on the questions we get asked the most.
mattress provides heat regulation throughout the night and strengthens the solid and sound sleep.
The goods with Silver, Celliant and Amethyst are designed to enhance your wellbeing.
Aromatic mattresses with different fragrances (ylang ylang, green tea, jasmin etc) can provide you a restful sleep with pleasant smells.
Ural Grup’s mattresses can be offered with natural features such as Tencel and Bamboo.

Packing System

Roll Pack & Box Bedding

The roll-pack system is used for our mattresses to provide convenience in the transportation and shipping. Our products are rolled in cylinder, and packed. Thanks to this operation our mattresses are not damaged or misshaped during transportation.

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