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Sleep habits are variable.
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Tailor Made

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We provide turnkey services to our business partners with our R & D, production and sales experience within Ural Group.


We use Visko Memory Foam technology in accordance with the needs of our customers and make special production. We deliver the products from where we produce in our strategically located Istanbul factory to the world via land, sea and airways.


Many companies prefer us for production according to their special demands. Our dedicated customer representatives manage processes with the right communication. Our world-class design capabilities offer unique looks and functions for the Private Concept.

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Private Memory Foam Mattresses

Ural Group can differentiate the mattresses with different memory foam applications, densities, treatments, etc…

We can produce the mattresses from density of 60 kg/m3 130 kg/m3 with pincores (if requested) and with many different kind of tickings, produced with advanced textile technologies

Private Memory Foam Pillows

You can customize your pillows produced with Memory Foam technology according to your sleeping habits (soft-hard, high-low). You can use the fabric you want. We prepare turnkey products with special packaging solutions.

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24 years of expertise

Exports more than 40 countries